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Meet the mom dogs of Big Hearts 4 Paws Rescue.

There is nothing Big Hearts 4 Paws Rescue wants more than to be able to transform all of the animal orphans into pampered pets, in loving homes as members of a family.

Adults go to their forever homes current on vaccines, flea/tick prevention, microchipped & altered (spayed/neutered).

If you would like more information on any of the animals shown in the photos, please email us!

Meet Willow! She and 4 of her friends were dumped in the middle of no where. Their little group stayed together until they were rescued. Willow was pregnant, and gave birth to 9 puppies. They have all found homes and now it’s Willow’s turn. Willow is great with the moms at the rescue, and she is even sweet with the other litters we have. She is NOT good with cats. Willow is currently being fostered in a home with other dogs, and her foster says she’s an angel in the home. Willow is very food motivated which has made training a breeze for her foster. She is also extremely smart!

After 248 days, Jessie went to her forever home!!!
Jessie is our current longest stay; as of 3/15/24 she has been with us for 235 days. Jessie is the perfect dog for any home. She absolutely LOVES car rides. Jessie is also all about her food and walks. A day in the life of Jessie is: wake up, eat breakfast, meander around the yard, find her favorite sun tanning spot, and nap. She gets along just fine with all the other dogs on property; Jessie minds her business and keeps to herself!

Our very lovely Bluetick Coonhound Rori is soooo ready for her forever home! Rori is such a lover and will climb in your lap if you let her. She’s very laid back and after her morning sniffs around the yard, she climbs into her favorite padded chair and naps. Rori’s front feet are a little different. However, this does not stop her from being a dog and we have had our vet check her for everything possible; she was just born that way! It adds to her character and is the reason why we call her a meerkat as she likes to sit on her back feet while she barks at the squirrels in the trees! Rori is great with the moms on property and even had a sleepover where she was in a home with 10 other dogs. She’s a perfect houseguest.

We are happy to announce that after 410 days at our rescue, Waffles finally went to her forever home!

Meet Waffles. She is currently the longest resident at the rescue, arriving in August of 2022. Waffles was thrown out of a car in a church parking lot. We did not think she was pregnant because she did not show any signs. Surprise! She gave birth to 2 little babies. She is ready for her forever home. Waffles is a great mix of active and chill. She likes to chase squirrels and lizards, but she will be a couch potato and cuddle when it’s down time. Waffles will take a dip in the water here and there, but only if SHE wants to. 🤪

Piper was adopted!
This hound is the super sweet Piper. She was found as a stray and had given birth to 8 puppies. Piper was heart worm positive when she arrived, but she has since finished her injections to get rid of them! Piper is very easy going and relaxed. She does not bark much (rare for a hound!), loves to sun bathe, loves naps, and is just generally a very calm girl.

Charm was adopted!

Bring on the Charm. This beautiful lab mix was dumped on a dirt road by a subhuman being. She had a grueling labor; 13 puppies total. Sadly, only 5 made it. After her terrible past, Charm is looking forward to getting the loving home she deserves. Our vet told us she is about 1.5-2 years old; still just a puppy! Charm loves to run and play, chase toys, and hunt lizards. She enjoys swimming as well!

Freya has a forever home!
Freya is one beautiful Husky. We pulled her from a high kill shelter just before Thanksgiving. She was heart worm positive but has completed treatment and she’s ready to go! Freya is an active girl who only wants to please. She LOVES the water and will find any bucket, puddle, or water bowl to play in. She can talk quite a bit like any husky, but it’s pretty easy to get her to stop. Freya was one of the best moms we have seen; in fact she loves being a mom so much that she takes on that role with any of the other litters that we have.

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