Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We first do our interviewing online.

  • Our preferred way to interview someone is by having you email
  • Please let us know who you are interested in. We will send you a list of questions to copy and paste, fill out your answers, then email back.
  • Note that although our dogs and puppies show up on multiple pet search engines, those site’s “applications” do not come to us and are not our true application.
  • You may also just copy and paste the questions below and email them to us along with the puppy you’re interested in. 
  • ‘Please fill out every question; skipping questions will delay your application.
1. What is your full name?

2. What is your age?

3. Do you live in a house or an apt?
4. If you live in an apartment/condo what floor do you live on?

5. Do you own orrent?

6. If you rent, who is your landlord and what is their phone number please?

7. Do you have a yard?

8. If so, is it fenced?

9. What weight range are you wanting your new pup to be as an adult?

10. Do you have any pet restrictions in your neighborhood? Breed? Weight?

11. Do you have any children living in your home?

12. If so, what are their ages?

13. How many adults reside in the household?

14. Have you ever adopted or bought a dog before?

15. If so, from where?
16. If not, will this be your first dog ever?

17. If so, do you still have your pet?
18. If not, why not?
19. Please list your current pets (name, age, type):
20. Are they spayed/neutered?

21. Have you ever turned an animal into an animal shelter or rescue?

22. If you have a pet, what food do you currently feed them?

23. What are you planning on feeding your new puppy? (dry? wet? a mix of both? brand?)
24. What exactly are you looking for in a pup? (Please describe what you have in mind as far as personality, breed mix, age, size and any other specifics)
25. Is there anything you feel completely unprepared for with a new puppy?
26. Are there any allergies to pets in your household/family?

27. What type of flea/tick prevention are/were your pets on?

28. What type of heart worm prevention were/are your pets on?

29. Do you have a vet?

30. If so, what is their name and phone number for a reference.

31. Where do you live? Exact address please.
32. How long have you lived there?
33. What is the best number to contact you at?

34. Do you work? What are your hours?
35. Who will care for the puppy while you are away at work or not home during the day?

36. What is a typical day like in the home?

37. Where would your new pet stay while you are not at home?

38. Where would your new pet spend most of their time?

39. Where will your new pet sleep?

40. How do you plan on training your new puppy?

41. Does everyone in the home want a new puppy?
42. What will happen with the puppy in the event of any major life changes (divorce, break-up, moving states, moving countries, moving to a place with restrictions, having to rent, sickness)?
43. Is there anything additional you would like to add that you believe we should know?